2 boys seduced young Vasilisa.

Check preview to shameless action. Vasilisa had an account on a dating site for about a month and no one noticed her and she had never received a message from a guy there. But one day she reviewed two messages at a time from different boys. They told she was very pretty and they desired to meet her. Vasilisa invited them to her place. the next day studs were sitting on her sofa chatting with each other. Knowing that fellows were thinking about sex with her Vasilisa warned them she was still a virgin and asked if it was a problem. Surely she underestimated those 2 as they told her there was no problem being a cherry and her highly first sex would be even better considering such situation. Because a lot of ladies fantasy of painless defloration and even more of them desire of having a hookup with 2 dudes. One of the fellows called a doctor, so Vasilisa shouldn’t worry about any problems. When a man sausage ripped up her virgin labia Vasilisa even got scarred but her partner was mushy and accurate, that there was no pain at all. Only a drop of blood appeared. So everything was behind and nothing could stop Vasilisa’s fervor. She was so grateful that she dreamed to please all the boys’ desires in hookup. While one smashed her she gargled the other’s pecker with such a diligence that all the fellow could say was wailing. Sex was good, dudes came all over her pretty youthful face and Vasilisa was indeed glad being such a insatiable woman. Many steaming pics from this act here.

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