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Jan 23, 2015


A white dress blows softly in the wind as Mariana walks arm in arm with her beau across the beach. The paramours can’t resist the shelter of a nearby tree to share a steamy kiss, and soon Mariana is pulling down to her knees with other nastier ideas!

A quickie outdoor fellatio leads to so much more as Mariana and her fucking partner push their clothes out of the way and then open up a blanket on the sand. Albeit the blonde Russian embarks out on her back with her man fucking inbetween her hips, she works her way onto her arms and knees for a doggy-style labia pummeling and then mounts him for a sunset stiffie rail!

When Mariana’s appetite for cumming is ultimately quenched, she doesn’t leave her lover wanting! Getting on all fours once again, she uses her steamy wet throat to deep-throat her stud to the brink of climax and then to push him over so that he fills her throat with his salty nut-juice of love.

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