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Nubile Films – Sun Kissed Beauty featuring Eva Lovia

Added on: 04/02/2015

Lovely Eva Lovia sees Van Wylde get dressed for their evening out, but this fuck-stick hungry stunner would choose if they delay their departure until he has sated her sweet vulva one last time. After draining her landing de-robe labia beneath her miniskirt, Eva decides to spring into act. She finds a willing fucking partner in Van, and soon the two are leisurely stripping.

Unable to hold back a 2nd longer, Eva thrusts Van onto the bed and pulls his jizz-shotgun out so that she can make enjoy to him with her mouth. Using her hot raw tongue to gobble and suck and her arm to stroke, Eva doesn’t let up until she has brought Van’s boner to a stiff erection.

Climbing onto the bed so that her belly is down and her bottom is up in a calm request, Eva reveals herself and makes it clear that she wants to be plowed doggie. Van can’t wait to slip on into her saluting warmth and rock his hips in a enjoyable tempo that gets them both going.

Taking a break, Van gets down on his tummy so that he can sample Eva’s sugary cootchie. Then he rises above her, pressing deep inside and taking things slow and stable while Eva paws her jewel and sensual jugs in time to his strokes. Soon Eva is bellowing her delight so loud that she has to bite the bedclothes to attempt to control her rapture.

Now that Eva has enjoyed her very first climax, she’s naughty and can’t wait to take control! She thrusts Van down onto his back and climbs aboard so that she can rise above him like a goddess and glide her humid velvet glove down onto his screw stick. Going for a ride with thrusting thighs and a giant smile, the sugary delicious brunette gets quicker and quicker until she’s running at a breakneck rhythm and cumming with a groan of rapture.

Eager to bring Van the same orgasmic blessing that she just loved, Eva once again gets down on her knees and works her lover’s fuck-stick with her mitts and throat. Within just a short time, she coaxes a ample geyser out of Van’s beef whistle right into her eager waiting throat until his jizz drips down her chin.

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