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Nubile Films – Seduction Technics featuring Katerina Kay, Sammie Daniels

Added on: 06/03/2015

Katerina Kay has determined to train Sammie Daniels the art of allurement. She begins by showcasing Sammie how great a neck touch feels, but soon Katerina’s mitts have wandered lower to slip Sammie’s T-shirt off and play with her petite boobies over her brassiere. Moments later, Sammie has been relaxed of her cut-offs so that she is left with just a pair of sheer undies coating her most soft parts.

Sammie watches and learns, mimicking Katerina’s techniques while still letting her fucking partner take the lead. Soon both women have been eased of their shirts and Katerina has moved on to the treasure of Sammie’s tastey snatch. At very first she slips her palm beneath Sammie’s panties, but soon Katerina has discarded the scrap of clothing so that she can have unrestricted access to Sammie’s cootchie.

With a stable palm, Katerina step by step rubs Sammie’s love button. The small spinner can’t help but scream her approval as Katerina step by step brings her hurtling towards a orgasm. Then, while her super skinny figure is still throbbing with pleasure, Sammie gets another handle when Katerina drops to her stomach and drowns her face between her open up hips.

Katerina shows that she is as proficient with her tongue as she is with her fingers. Soon Sammie is once again squealing her rapture while her assets shudders with orgasmic fun, leaving the spinner pleased and prepared to take her turn at showcasing Katerina all that she has learned.

Changing spots with Katerina, Sammie reaches out with her petite arm and uses her thumb to touch her lover’s love button and to rub her honeypot cream everywhere. Katerina can’t keep her hips still as Sammie works her magic fingers, and her wails of eagerness just get louder when she gets up on her knees so that Sammie can give her a superb vulva screwing with her gifted palms.

Eventually Katerina pulls away from Sammie’s orgasmic touch. She represents that she has had enough with a durable smooch, which is a satisfying end to a hot and sweaty sex session.

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