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Nubile Films – Alone With You featuring Karlie Montana, Staci Carr

Added on: 01/28/2015

Karlie Montana and Staci Carr are on a hike to find a secluded spot for some yoga. The damsels are flirty and playful as they walk, smacking each other’s booties with their yoga mats until they come together with a sensitized kiss that soon escalates to a utter deep throated make out session.

Knowing that they’re alone and able to do whatever they wish, Staci unwraps Karlie’s shirt so that she can eat the redhead’s rigid puffies and then yells when Karlie comes back the favor. Within moments, Staci is naked so that Karlie can indulge in even more scorching smooches and tongue activity on the blonde’s jugs before focusing her attention further down.

When Karlie finally samples Staci’s hairless labia with her tongue, Staci can’t hold in her yell of appreciation. Encouraged, Karlie gives only a few slurps as a preview before rising to her soles so that Staci can peel off her shorts, too, revealing a red landing de-robe twat that is cascading with excitement.

Sitting down on the ground so that Karlie can sit astride her mouth, Staci goes to work on her lover’s juicy vagina with no intention of stopping until she gets the result she wants! She does masterful work with her endowed tongue before reaching up her arm to help Karlie reach her climactic conclusion by pressing her endowed fingers into Karlie’s sleek slit.

Next the chicks change places so that Staci is supported by the rock that Karlie was standing against. After smooching her way down Staci’s slender wonderful bod, Karlie licks a finger to slick up Carlie’s clean-shaven fuckbox and then thrusts a finger deep inwards. When Staci responds with a yell of pure blessing, Karlie is encouraged to keep it up while caressing Staci’s elation button with another finger for double the enjoyment. With ever-faster shoves of her wrist, Karlie lil’ by tiny works Staci to the edge and then sends her tumbling over with her orgasmic cries rending the air.

Neither girl is quite satisfied yet, so they sit down side by side and love some mutual onanism while they each work their own creamy fuckbox. Of course these damsels know themselves best of all, so it’s not long before they are each prepared to cum once again, cementing their affection for each other as well as their long-awaited sheer pleasure.

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