Natalie Monroe – Bad Lil' Braceface

Bad Lil' Braceface

Natalie, do people think you’re guiltless because you have braces?
“Yes! They always assume that I’m some cute, lil’ doll. But then when we start chatting about lovemaking and I tell them how much I love to blow dick and get plowed rock hard, they’re always dazed. In a way, it’s a good thing they think I’m harmless. I can get away with way more. Teachers and parents love me. If only they knew I was deep throating their sons while they’re not home!”

Wow! What other nasty things do you do?
“I like to sunbathe naked a lot, and I don’t care who watches. I get turned on if I know someone’s witnessing. I’m also always on the prowl for boy meat. Since I’m always so wild it’s like I want to pulverize everyone! I can usually witness what’s attractive about anyone. Then I embark wondering what they’d be like in bed, if they have a yam-sized stiffy, how they gobble cooter, how their jizz tastes. The next thing I know my panties are wet because of some stranger I just met. And from time to time, those thoughts turn into actions. Occasionally I’ll end up deep throating a dude I just met in the backseat of his car because I just had to feel his boner grow hard inwards my mouth.”

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