Jaclyn Case, TJ Cummings

Gorgeous brown-haired teenager Jaclyn Case is back and badder than ever. This time we find her texting at a cafe, skipping class and looking great as hell in her yellow tube top. So TJ attempts to intimidate her by posing as a truant officer, planting cigarettes in her backpack, and threatening to tell her mom about her indiscretions unless he follows her home. She naively does what he says and is soon attempting to chat her way out of the situation, blindfolded and with a knob in her throat! This college hoe hotty gets disciplined harshly by TJ, as he slaps her boobs, gasps her and makes her hold his dick down her throat till she gags .. TJ is in control the entire time, tossing her rigid teenage figure around like a rag female and shoving her ideal slit with ball-slapping strength. She’s a trooper however, who doesn’t complain for a 2nd, and takes the beatdown like the magnificent subordinated starlet she is!

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