Addison Rose Enjoys Her Ass Spanking

Addison Rose Loves Her Culo Spanking

Making too much noise is just not her fashion. She enjoys every push but is able to contain her groans much better than anyone else. And the only time she let herself be heard is when she is so close to completing that keeping her lips shut is not an option. But another one of the talents that Addison Rose wields is in her hips. She can wriggle them, circle them and use them to her advantage when she is a sitting astride stance, adding extra sensations with every maneuverability she makes. What also turns her on and makes her shake that flawlessly lush arse is a smack or 2 on those incredible cheeks that are delicate enough to be squeezed and pulled apart, yet rock-hard enough for the arm of the forearm to land on them and make that particular sound. Handsome longhaired honey enjoys it hardcore and she wouldn?t have it any other way, but feel the whole cock all the way up her taut young honeypot.

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